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Telephone Entry Systems


What is a telephone entry system?

A telephone entry system typically lives at the guest entrance to a multi-tenant building. Its purpose is to allow a guest to call the tenant, allows for a two-way voice conversation between the guest and tenant and then gives the tenant the ability to unlock the door remotely from their touchtone phone. Property managers can easily add and remove tenants from the systems remotely from a desktop computer and run audit reports to determine which tenants are allowing entry of guests into the building.

Why do I need a telephone entry system?

If you're the property manager or owner of a multi-tenant building such as an apartment, condo, or shared office space building, you will greatly benefit from our telephone door entry solutions. Guests seeking entry to a locked building can call the tenant by access the terminal which is typically located in the building's lobby or vestibule and scrolling through the tenant list. The terminal will then place a phone call to the tenant who picks up and establishes a two-way voice conversation with the guest. The tenant using their touchtone phone can then unlock the front door allowing entry to the guest. These entry transactions are stored and logged and can be reviewed later by property management for incident investigations.


Typical entry phone solutions require hard-wiring intercom devices to each tenant's unit which is costly and infrastructure can become damaged and require maintenance. Modern telephone entry systems are a cost-effective way to limit public access to your building, keeping tenants safe and creating accountability to those who allow access. Installs are non-intrusive on tenant space and all the property management has to provide is a source of power and telephone line.


Can entry phones integrate with other systems?

Yes, telephone entry systems integrate seamlessly with other security systems your building may have. Entry phones typically integrate with access control to tell the system to unlock the front door of the building. Additionally, they can integrate with video surveillance systems (CCTV) to trigger a high definition recording when someone places a call using the system. Most importantly, entry phones can integrate with each other giving you the ability to add multiple entry phones at different points of access such as a parking garage and tenant information is automatically synchronized across all entry phones.  

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