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Security Cameras


Security Camera Installers in Prince Edward Island

Signal Solutions installs, repairs and upgrades CCTV security systems.

From small outfits to large commercial deployments, we do it all.

- Video surveillance system design

- Installation and programming

- Troubleshooting and repairs

- Upgrades and expansions

License Plate Cameras

Did you know not all cameras can reliably read license plates?

It is often expected that security camera will capture license pates, however this is often not the case. To reliably capture and read license plates, a Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) camera is required. They are built from the ground up for the purposes of capturing crisp license plate video footage.


Remote Monitoring

Check in on your cameras remotely, anywhere in the world.

Get access to your cameras wherever you may roam:

- Smartphone app

- Tablet app

- Desktop/Laptop app

- TV screen monitor

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Reduce false alarms, get alerts straight to your phone.

Today's cameras are smart enough to differentiate humans and vehicles from the scenery. Take advantage of smart features like:

- Virtual line cross detection

- Perimeter intrusion detection

- People counting

- Facial recognition

- Object removal alerts

- Loitering alters

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