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Networking Services



Slow, spotty Wi-Fi keeping you down? Are you using Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters to patch holes in your network? Stop. Signal Solutions will asses your wireless environment and install a wireless infrastructure which blankets your entire property with fast, reliable Wi-Fi. Although repeaters work in small home environments, they do not work for large commercial Wi-Fi deployments. Let our experts design, install and maintain a bulletproof Wi-Fi system that automatically and seamlessly roams your mobile devices under one wireless network.

Wireless Links

Are you paying for multiple internet connections to serve nearby buildings? Do you wish you could have network connectivity across multiple sites/buildings but don't want to trench wires long distances? Sometimes getting internet to a remote location can be difficult. Wireless links make it easy. We will install wireless equipment that can "shoot" internet/network connectivity hundreds of meters to hundreds of kilometres to any remote site or building whether the end point is across the yard or in a different town. Wireless links are capable of serving high bandwidth applications such as remote surveillance cameras, remote workstation PCs, remote Wi-Fi deployments and more.


Structured Cabling

Although wireless devices are the future of connectivity, there is no substitute for a reliable, hardwired connection. In fact, wireless infrastructures demand high capacity wired uplinks run to each wireless access point in order to provide stable connections. For maximum reliability, data cabling needs to be professionally run, terminated and tested. Our experts will ensure that all data cabling is structured in a neat, serviceable manner that will last the test of time and perform to the rated specifications. This allows for fast and reliable data transfer speeds over your network. 


Upgrades and Repairs

Is your existing network slow or unreliable and struggling to keep up with your growing digital infrastructure? Let us asses your network environment and make the necessary upgrades to bring your business to the modern era. We will find where your limitation lie and repair the cause of the problems, whether it be desktop, cabling, internet or wireless issues.

Future-proof your network by installing the latest technologies to ensure that your network will be optimized and continue to run at maximum performance for years to come. Additionally, we can install the necessary infrastructure you need to allow for fast, convenient expandability in the future. 

Remote connectivity

With the changing landscape of the working environment, more businesses are opting to work from home. Additionally, the growing threat of cyber attacks mean that your business' digital assets needs to stay protected. Signal Solutions can provide the equipment and infrastructure needed to allow employees to securely connect to your business' assets through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs are the best way to ensure your employee's network traffic is encrypted from end-to-end, keeping cyber criminals away from your sensitive data.

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