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Alarm Systems

What is an alarm system?

Alarm systems are ubiquitous in today's commercial and residential buildings. They're used to protect the premises from intruders by using sensors at entry points. Aside from intrusion detection, alarm systems are monitored 24/7 and signal alarms to the appropriate emergency response teams even during working hours such as for fire or holdup alarms.

Why do I need an alarm system?

If you don't already have an alarm system, there are many valid reasons why you should have our experts install one. The primary reason is for installing an alarm system is to deter break-in attempts and can potentially lower your insurance premiums. Alarm systems can also monitor your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and alert the fire department, saving precious time in an emergency. Wireless holdup or panic buttons can be added to the system which will silently alert police that a burglary or emergency is currently underway.

What else can an alarm system do?

Modern alarm systems go beyond the typical use cases listed above. A modern system can be a smart hub which can control multiple devices on your premises. Additional features include:

  • Remote connectivity: check the status and control your alarm system from anywhere in the world through your smartphone or computer

  • Door lock control: automatically or manually lock and unlock your doors when your system is armed/disarmed

  • Lighting control: control smart lighting devices from your alarm system and set automatic lighting scenes to complement the status of your alarm system or control lights from your devices

  • Thermostat control: view and control the temperature of your smart thermostats anywhere in the world from your mobile device and save energy when you are away or sleeping

  • Video surveillance: connect cameras to your alarm system so you can have eyes on your premises, answer doorbells or playback recorded footage

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